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Fleeing Through Time Book One

Fleeing Through Time Book One

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The first exciting book in the Trilogy by Emily Elizabeth Andrews.

What would you do if you suddenly woke up one morning on a plantation amidst the Civil War?

Rose Hampton finds herself struggling to survive when her plane crashes in the midst of a lightning storm. Her wildest dreams come true when she’s sent back in time to her great-great grandfather’s plantation. Desperate and afraid, she finds herself breaking all of society’s rules.

Adam Summers can’t explain his attraction to the fiery redhead. Having feelings for a white woman is strictly forbidden for a black slave like him. Not to mention, he’s still trying to “board” the underground railroad. The consequences of his actions could be fatal. His odds of surviving his owner’s cruelty are slim to none.

A fight to the death is on the horizon, in more ways than one.

When the nation’s most gruesome war breaks out, will Adam and Rose fight for their love and flee to a better future, or, will the unlikely pair fall prey to the evil predator in their time?

Time travel. Forbidden Love. Passion Against All Odds.

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