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Searching Through Time Book Three

Searching Through Time Book Three

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Embark on a mesmerizing adventure with Matthew and Sarah in this captivating romance novel, Searching Through Time.

Continue the story in this third book of the series Soulmates Through Time.

When Matthew stumbles upon an ancient vase, little does he know that a simple touch will catapult him into the heart of 1950s Cuba.

Lost in a world of colorful salsa rhythms and crumbling architecture, Matthew finds himself irresistibly drawn to Maria, a captivating woman whose spirit matches the vibrant city around them. But as their love blossoms, danger lurks in the shadows, as Castro rebels relentlessly pursue Matthew, threatening to tear them apart.

In the present day, Sarah grapples with the grief of losing her beloved father, seeking solace in her unyielding determination to find her brother, Matthew. Driven by an unrelenting longing and an unwavering belief in his survival, Sarah's relentless search leads her to unexpected encounters and unforeseen alliances.

Along the way, she crosses paths with Sasha, a kindred spirit who shares her deep faith in God. As their connection deepens, Sarah wonders if Sasha can also embrace the unfathomable notion of time travel, a concept that holds the key to reuniting her family.

As Matthew navigates the perils of a tumultuous era and Sarah delves deeper into the enigma of time, their parallel journeys intertwine in a tapestry of love, faith, and resilience. Together, they embark on a quest that challenges their beliefs, tests their courage, and unearths profound truths hidden within the folds of time.

Will Matthew be able to stay a step ahead of impending danger? Will Sarah reunite with Matthew?

Rebellion, love and adventure.

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