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The 30 Day Brain Activity Book Vintage Edition

The 30 Day Brain Activity Book Vintage Edition

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Making Your Brain Think and Problem Solve Helps to Restore Its Function

*Brain Recovery Studies Show that Focusing on Gratitude Actually Shifts Your Brain to Have a More Positive Outlook 

* Organized and Repetition are Key in Retraining the Brain. Practice Makes Perfect!

This book differs from the dozens of “memory puzzle books” for stroke and dementia. 

It is a Program- not just a puzzle book.

Each day has 

A daily task calendar

  • Ten puzzles a day that get increasingly difficult over 30 days
  •   A Mosaic coloring page with a brain-motivational phrase
  •   Two Journal pages to document your feelings for the day and to think and write down three things you are grateful for.

This Vintage edition has a medium difficulty level—a step above the first edition. If your loved one enjoys movies and music from the past four generations, they will love this book. Past memories are often easier to recall than current ones. Color lines from songs match actors to movies, and even complete mazes with faces in the background. 

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