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Touching Back Time Book Two

Touching Back Time Book Two

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Book Two in the Soulmates Through Time Trilogy.

What would you do if you were suddenly transported one hundred and fifty years into the future?

In this second installment of their time-travel love story, Rose and Adam face difficulties that didn't exist in his time.

Adam, originally born in 1860 but now living in the present day, faces changes in culture, language, and rights. When Rose and Adam are suspected of immigration fraud, they flee their city and settle on the family plantation in Georgia. Can they live happily ever after in the future?

Their son Matthew travels to Nicaragua on an excavation adventure, only to find rebels blocking his dream. Fleeing for his life, he must survive on the war torn streets. Will he make it back home safely?

Archeology. Adventure. Death.

Soulmates through time.

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